class KSession

Nothing can be done in Artelys Kalis outside a KSession object. All the problems stated and solved must be held by such an object : for this reason the creation of a KSession object is the first thing to do at the beginning of the program.

The KSession class has one main functionality :

  • license checking : when created, the KSession object will look for a valid license of the software

The syntax for the creation of a KSession object is the following :

KSession mySession(false);

This statement creates a KSession object variable named mySession with no printing of the banner. We could have created our KSession using this syntax :

KSession mySession;

In this case, the banner would have been printed.



Public Functions

KSession(bool printBanner = true)

Default constructor , printBanner activates the printing of the banner.

KSession(unsigned char *passwd, bool printBanner = true)

Constructor with string license.

float getVersion(void) const

Return current version of library.