Class KOptimalityToleranceChecker

Direct Known Subclasses:
KAbsoluteToleranceOptimalityChecker, KIntegerObjectiveOptimalityChecker, KNumObjectiveOptimalityChecker, KRelativeToleranceOptimalityChecker

public class KOptimalityToleranceChecker extends Object
This interface sets a framework for objects providing method to check if the
current solution is close enough to the optimum, and, if not, to give a new
bound to set on the objective variable.
  • Field Details

    • swigCMemOwn

      protected transient boolean swigCMemOwn
  • Constructor Details

    • KOptimalityToleranceChecker

      protected KOptimalityToleranceChecker(long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
  • Method Details

    • getCPtr

      protected static long getCPtr(KOptimalityToleranceChecker obj)
    • finalize

      protected void finalize()
      finalize in class Object
    • delete

      public void delete()
    • isGoodEnough

      public boolean isGoodEnough(double bestSolutionObj, double bestBound)
      Check for the optimality tolearance

      bestSolutionObj -
      bestBound -
      true is the best solution is close enough - for some criteria - to the optimum
    • nextBoundToTry

      public double nextBoundToTry(double bestSolutionObj)
      Returns a bound to set on the objective, in order to look for solution which are not too close from the
      current best known solution. This prevent from storing too many solutions which are very similar.

      bestSolutionObj - the best objective value of already found solutions.
      a bound to set on the objective.