Class kalis

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class kalis extends Object implements kalisConstants
  • Constructor Details

    • kalis

      public kalis()
  • Method Details

    • new_intp

      public static com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_int new_intp()
    • copy_intp

      public static com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_int copy_intp(int value)
    • delete_intp

      public static void delete_intp(com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_int obj)
    • intp_assign

      public static void intp_assign(com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_int obj, int value)
    • intp_value

      public static int intp_value(com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_int obj)
    • setArtelysConsole

      public static void setArtelysConsole(com.artelys.kalis.Console value)
    • getArtelysConsole

      public static com.artelys.kalis.Console getArtelysConsole()
    • krand

      public static int krand()
      return a random integer between 0 and RAND_MAX (excluded)
    • ksrand

      public static void ksrand(long seed)
      set the random seed to 'seed'