Class KSolution

  • public class KSolution
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class represents a solution of a KProblem.

    Example :
    KProblem p(...);
    KSolver solver(p);
    KSolution sol = p.getSolution();

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    • Field Detail

      • swigCMemOwn

        protected transient boolean swigCMemOwn
    • Constructor Detail

      • KSolution

        protected KSolution​(long cPtr,
                            boolean cMemoryOwn)
      • KSolution

        public KSolution()
      • KSolution

        public KSolution​(com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_KSolution_I solution)
      • KSolution

        public KSolution​(KSolution toCopy)
    • Method Detail

      • getCPtr

        protected static long getCPtr​(KSolution obj)
      • finalize

        protected void finalize()
        finalize in class java.lang.Object
      • delete

        public void delete()
      • getValue

        public int getValue​(KIntVar intVar)
        Return the instantiation of a variable in the solution
      • getValue

        public double getValue​(KFloatVar floatVar)
        Return the instantiation of a variable in the solution
      • getValue

        public double getValue​(KNumVar numVar)
        Return the instantiation of the variable in the solution
      • getObjectiveValue

        public double getObjectiveValue()
        Return the objective value of the solution if applicable
      • setAsTarget

        public void setAsTarget()
      • print

        public void print()
        Pretty print the solution
      • print

        public void print​(com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_void ctx,
                          com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_f_p_void_p_q_const__char__int pfp)
      • printResume

        public void printResume​(com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_void ctx,
                                com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_f_p_void_p_q_const__char__int pfp)
      • printResume

        public void printResume()
      • printProblem

        public void printProblem()
      • getIntAttrib

        public int getIntAttrib​(int attrib)
      • getDblAttrib

        public double getDblAttrib​(int attrib)
      • hasObjective

        public boolean hasObjective()
      • getHashCode

        public double getHashCode()