The most advanced solver for nonlinear optimization

— Nonlinear optimization problems arise in numerous business and industry applications: portfolio optimization, optimal power flow, nonlinear model predictive control, Nash equilibrium problems. To solve these challenging problems, customers in hundreds of sites worldwide rely on Artelys Knitro for its efficiency and robustness.

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Artelys strongly supports the use of mathematical optimization within academic institutions. We offer free, full-featured copies of Artelys Knitro for teaching purpose.

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Discover our latest news

Leader in nonlinear optimization

— More than 450 institutions in over 40 countries rely on Artelys Knitro.





Solver all your optimization problems

Key features

With 7 algorithms, and several key features, Artelys Knitro can efficiently solve a wide range of optimization problems.

Efficient and robust solution on large scale problems

Two interior-point/barrier and two active-set/SQP algorithms

Three algorithms for mixed-integer nonlinear optimization

Heuristics, cutting planes, branching rules for MINLP

Special routine to handle complementarity constraints

Parallel multistart feature for global optimization

Ability to run multiple algorithms concurrently

Automatic and parallel tuning of option settings

Automatic computation of approximate first-order and second-order derivatives

Smart initialization strategies and fast infeasibility detection


Artelys Knitro is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac distribution.

Complete list: see our documentation.


— “Artelys Knitro and AMPL performance enables the automation of radiation therapy cancer treatment, resulting in faster treatment delivery and more accurate tumor irradiation and healthy tissue sparing. Thanks to the resolution of complex large scale optimization models more than 800 patients were treated since the beginning of the project.”

Masoud Zarepisheh, PhD

Assistant Professor, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC)

— “The use of robust, innovative and powerful components enables us to carry out reliable analyses about sensitive issues such as network security.”

Jean Maeght, PhD

R&D Engineer, Electricity Transmission Network (RTE)

— “Our software incorporates Knitro to solve very complex mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) optimization problems. These problems must be solved in near-real time (at the 5 minute level), and we have found no other solver that matches the speed and accuracy of Knitro. In addition, the customer support at Artelys has been fantastic. They have been very responsive to our needs, have worked closely with us in product development, and have been very flexible in product implementation and licensing.”

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Data Analytics & Software Company

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