The workshop’s objective is to present the main constraint programming solvers and their various industrial applications. The CP2013 Conference gathers constraint programming researchers and developers to share their recent experiences. This event will focus on modeling aspects, applications and standardization of constraint programming tools, rather than implementation.

Artelys will present the Xpress-Kalis module – constraint programming solver, fully integrated in the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite. The main functionalities of Xpress-Kalis will be detailed and illustrated by industrial examples.


A presentation on Xpress-Kalis will be given at 12:00pm, Monday 16th.

Xpress-Kalis: A CP solver integrated in the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite
Sylvain Mouret, Alexandre Marié and Susanne Heipcke

This talk will highlight the main modeling and solving features of the Xpress-Kalis CP solver.

Seamlessly integrated to the Xpress-Mosel language, it completes the Xpress solvers suite (Optimizer and NonLinear) and benefits from Mosel's interfaces to a variety of external data sources, formats and advanced programming capabilities, in particular for distributed and remote computing.

The talk will focus on the standard CP constraints implemented by Xpress-Kalis, specialized syntax for scheduling constraints, user-defined procedures (branching strategies, filtering algorithms, etc.) and integration of LP/MIP relaxations to the CP framework.

A software demonstration will show how to effectively use Xpress-Kalis in a variety of environments and applications.



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CP2013: Workshop "CP Solvers: Modeling, Applications, Integration, and Standardization"