KNITRO 8.1 delivers improved performance on a large variety of problems, ranging from quadratic/nonlinear problems and mathematical programs with complementarity constraints to mixed-integer nonlinear problems.

New KNITRO 8.1 features:

• Ability to call KNITRO from Python
• Parallel BLAS computation improving performance on large-scale problems
• Option to use the Xpress solver in the active-set algorithm
• Ability to presolve problems when using gradient approximations
• Ability to presolve mixed-integer linear programs
• Significant speedups on mixed-integer nonlinear programs
• Significant speedups on large scale bound constrained problems
• Significant speedups on mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints (MPCC/MPEC)
• Ability to return final gradient and Hessian information
• New API function allowing users to change bounds and re-optimize

Please contact for more information on KNITRO 8.1.

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