Artelys is proud to announce the launch of Artelys Kalis 2012.2. This new version is a major release with the development of new parallel algorithms making better use of multi core architecture to improve overall performance.

In particular, it is now possible to set the number of threads used by Artelys Kalis. Besides, Artelys Kalis 2012.2 includes a new parallel algorithm that extends the principle of objective dichotomic (binary) search to multi-threaded search. This is called objective n-ary search and allows exploring simultaneously a large spectrum of solution areas. Users of the classic dichotomic search should expect significant improvements using this novel approach.

In addition, Artelys Kalis can now be used from the Java and Python programming languages. Thanks to the Python interface, it is now possible to model and solve optimization problems with Artelys Kalis faster than ever, and does not require any compilation step.

Artelys Kalis customers under Annual License Maintenance Service contract may update to Artelys Kalis 2012.2 free of charge. For further information, please contact us at

Artelys Kalis 2012.2 is also available for trial in our download section. Try it now!

If you are interested in purchasing Artelys Kalis, please contact us at Our sales team will be pleased to provide you with all the information you need.