Artelys Cystal suite’s platform, Artelys Risk Manager, is dedicated to financial and physical energy assets valuation and risk management. This decision support tool allows you to study and compare asset portfolios, management strategies and/or investment plans in order to analyze profits and associated risks.

The new version of Artelys Risk Manager eases the end-user experience with more analysis and customization tools, new modeling possibilities and better performance.



The 2012.1 version of Artelys Risk Manager brings you:

• A rich portfolio analysis platform, ready to use and configurable in a few clicks, thanks to a pre-defined assets library, a powerful calculation engine and visualization screens.

A high level of analysis, which allows:

- The use of generic analysis tools integrated into the platform (cost and profit analysis, risk analysis, parameter sensibility analysis, etc.)
- The ability to define and add personalized numerical indicators, and customize results visualization screens

A large modeling flexibility with

- An open architecture allowing you to define your own assets
- An improved language to define functioning models of assets and their management, as well as uncertainties models
- Tools to support the development of calculation functions

Adapted functionalities to the structure and the size of the portfolio, which represent either a particular site or a large network, thanks to:

- An organization and table, tree, systemic or map representation of the portfolio
- The possibility to define nodes and connections among assets for network portfolios
- The management and the conversion between units and currencies for international portfolios

A global performance improvement on the calculation, visualization and data management


More information about Artelys RIsk Manager are available here.
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