KNITRO 8.0 delivers improved performance on a large variety of problems, ranging from quadratic/nonlinear problems and mathematical programs with complementarity constraints to mixed-integer nonlinear problems. KNITRO 8.0 offers…

• A new presolver that provides basic preprocessing operations on the user model to simplify and reduce the size of the model. The presolver tightens variable bounds where appropriate, and removes variables and constraints when they become unnecessary or fixed.

• Parallel computation of finite-difference gradients.

• Ability to perform the multistart procedure in parallel.

• Ability to run multiple algorithms in parallel (i.e. both barrier/interior-point and active-set) on a given model. This new features now allows KNITRO users to benefit simultaneously from two state-of-the-art optimization algorithms for nonlinear problems.

• New fast infeasibility detection mechanism for the barrier/interior-point solvers.

• Significant speedups on mixed-integer nonlinear programs.

• General improvements and API enhancements.

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