Join Artelys Canada!

Job and responsibilities

As part of a high-level R&D team of analysts (mostly mathematicians and energy systems experts), you tap into your programming skills, your experience of complex architectures, your obsession for clean code and your eagerness to provide great solutions to the needs of our clients in order to:

• Design and implement scalable and evolutive architectures.
• Contribute to the constant improvement of our computing performance and user experience.
• Provide our optimization experts and data analysts with capabilities to treat ever growing data volumes.
• Keep our solutions on the cutting edge of technology.

Software development projects at Artelys – an example:

Artelys Canada, with support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), launched in August 2018 the MOVE project – Measure and Optimize the Value of Energy transition – dedicated to North-American power systems modeling and optimization. This 2 ½ year project focuses on developing a software solution able to carry out prospective analyses of Northern-American energy systems. This project will bring together state-of-the-art optimization algorithms and modeling techniques to deal with Northern-American specificities and market design (nodal pricing, security constrained simulations, ancillary markets, etc.).


the Artelys Crystal software suite is implemented in Java, C++, Python and JavaScript. We rely on reference technology, for optimization (FICO Xpress, Artelys Knitro, Boost), data management (DBMS, NoSQL), backend (framework Spring, WildFly, Node.js) and frontend (KnockoutJS, ReactJS, Backbone.js, D3.js, JavaFX).

You might be the one we are looking for if:

• You are a high-level polyvalent developer, with extensive knowledge of:
   o Object oriented programming languages (Java, C++) and optionally Java swing and/or Python.
   o Web programming (JavaScript, HTML CSS, Rest/SOAP). Extensive knowledge of JavaScript libraries is a plus.
• You master software architecture and design patterns.
• You consider developing a robust and scalable server application and designing intuitive and ergonomic interfaces as two sides of the same coin.
• You wouldn’t dissociate programming from using development environments, version control systems (git/svn), automation servers (Jenkins), and dependency managers (Ivy, Maven).
• You are aware NoSQL is not an association against databases.
• You are autonomous, rigorous and have a strong team spirit.

As a fast-growing company, Artelys is looking for curious and creative teammates, solicitous of the impact of their work and thrilled to contribute to the development of our business.