Screenshot of Artelys Crystal SuperGrid for Mainstreaming study

Thanks to the Artelys Crystal platform and the development of the METIS models, powerful technological tools are available to Artelys experts enabling them to optimise the capacities of flexibility solutions (thermal units, demand-response, storage, interconnectors) at the European level while maintaining an unprecedented level of details while simulating the operations of the power system (capacity expansion performed with 8760 hourly time-steps per year for 50 annual weather scenarios for 34 countries).

Through this study, the Member States have at their disposal a methodological framework allowing them to evaluate their flexibility needs, to identify and characterise local flexibility solutions, and to design optimal flexibility portfolios. In particular, this framework can be used by Member States when drafting their integrated National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs).

Artelys Crystal is a highly configurable and agile software platform, which is the cornerstone of a family of tailor-made applications developed and distributed by Artelys. Artelys Crystal state-of-the-art simulation and capacity optimisation capabilities combined with advanced visualisation services allow Artelys experts and clients to perform in-depth and transparent analyses of the functioning of energy systems and markets.

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