Through the impetus driven by Artelys, the European research project CitInES was launched October 1, 2011. Artelys is one of the few French SMEs that managed to build up a European FP7 project.

With €2.85 million budget, the overall objective of CitInES is to design and demonstrate a multi-scale, multi-energy decision-making tool. The software aims to optimize the energy efficiency of cities or large industrial complexes by enabling them to define sustainable, reliable and cost-effective long-term energy strategies.

Local authorities and large industrial complexes lack resources to define efficient and effective energy investment strategies in their context. The tools and methodologies developed in the CitInES project will support wise decisions and then define a reliable, efficient and sustainable energy strategy.

Demonstrations of the developed tools, and Artelys Crystal City in particular, will take place in two Italian cities, Cesena and Bologna (400,000 inhabitants), and in one oil refinery in Tupras, Turkey.

Artelys, with high-quality partners, aims to offer adapted operational decision support tools for local authorities and industries.



CitInES in brief


Decision support tool for local authorities and industrials to:

• Simulate, assess and compare energy investment programs
• Optimize their local energy strategy to reduce cost-effectively CO2 emissions
• Assess financial and environmental long-term risks and propose robust energy schemes to face fuel and CO2 price uncertainties


• Financial support: European Commission (FP7 projet)
• Launch date: October 1st 2011
• Duration: 30 months
• Budget : 2.85 M€


• Coordinator: Artelys
• Local authorities: Bologna (400 000 inhabitants) andCesena
• Industrial complex: Tupras (Turkish refinery)
• Partners: Ervet, AIT Tomorrow Today, Schneider Electric, INESC Porto, INRIA, Mines ParisTech