A benchmark of Optimization Software has been presented at Informs Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research in April 2011.

Xpress 7.2 delivers the best performance of any solution on the market and solves your problems faster than any of its competitors (According to Hans Mittelmann’s* and MIPLIB 20102** benchmarks)!

FICO Xpress Optimization Suite 7.2 offers…

• A complete set of state-of-art optimization engines that are robust, reliable and faster than competing solutions
• Unique capabilities for large scale optimization, including the ability to solve ultra-large problems (with true 64 bit capabilities) and support for distributed optimization across multiple machines
• A powerful, easy-to-learn modeling language with Xpress-Mosel
• The premier visual development environment, Xpress-IVE, for developing and refining mathematical models

Artelys distributes and supports FICO™ Xpress Optimization Suite. The constraint programming solver developed by Artelys - Artelys Kalis - has been integrated as Xpress-Kalis into FICO’s suite since 2005.


* Hans Mittelmann, Benchmarks for Optimization Software, http://plato.asu.edu/bench.html
** Thorsten Koch et al., MIPLIB 2010 – Mixed Integer Program Library version 5, Mathematical Programming C, 2011