The user will indeed have access to different nonlinear least-squares algorithms and benefit from the general skills of Artelys Knitro on nonlinear optimization. The release 10.2 also introduced many other new features thanks to the hard work of the growing Artelys Knitro development team.

Additional features:

• General improvements and new user options for Artelys Knitro mixed-integer algorithms.
• Significant performance improvements on problems with equilibrium constraints (MPECs).
• New "linesearch" options (backtracking or cubic interpolation).
• New “honorbounds” option to specify for each variable whether or not Artelys Knitro can violate its bounds during the optimization.
• "knitromatlab_fsolve" or "knitromatlab_lsqnonlin" (Matlab interface) now accept Artelys Knitro options file.

The Artelys Knitro 10.2 presentation by Richard Waltz, Artelys Knitro lead developer, will be held on Monday, November 14th, at 8:45am – Room 5th Avenue Lobby - Music City Center.

Maxime Fender, Optimization Consultant at Artelys, will also present an application of Artelys Knitro to water supply network optimization on Monday, November 14th, at 1:30pm – Room 103C - Music City Center

Conference site:

Music City Center 201 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203