Electricity storage remains the most important energy storage sector in terms of market share. However, heat storage and power to heat are technologies that receive ever growing interest from the energy industry.

In this context, ATEE, ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) and 10 industrial companies of the energy sector wished to evaluate the potential for heat and power to heat by 2030. This study led by Artelys and its partner Enea Consulting focuses on the most relevant case studies, addressing the best available technologies and the most beneficial usages of heat for each economic sector (industry, heat networks, domestic hot water, etc.).

Within the “Energy Storage Days” organized by the ATEE, Artelys and Enea Consulting will present the main conclusions of this complex study, which relies on the latest technology innovations of the Artelys Crystal Super Grid software, in terms of optimization of electricity/heat optimized mixes.