Due to energy transition, the integration of renewables, and the increase in interconnection capacities, models of increasing complexity have to be set up in order to carry out relevant prospective studies. Which power mix is needed to meet a given target of renewables integration? What is the best capacity for an interconnector between two countries? What is the impact of power market coupling on security of supply? These are many questions that cannot be handled without appropriate tools.

Thanks to a very ambitious R&D effort in the domains of software development and optimization, the new 2016.1.0 major release of Artelys Crystal Super Grid incorporates functions for the global optimization of energy mixes. By means of a user-friendly interface, users can now optimize investments for dozens of generation/transport/storage technologies at a continental scale, taking into account dozens of hourly weather scenarios.

Among other additions, Artelys Crystal Super Grid 2016.1.0 includes a new DC load flow option, which enables users to carry out more detailed local analyses. On top of that, the multi-scale functionality allows standard ATC computations, capacity expansion optimizations, or DC load flow calculations to be carried out starting from the same set of parameters. The opportunity to navigate between these different types of simulations is a major asset for system planning studies.

These advanced features confirm Artelys Crystal Super Grid’s leadership as a technology and optimization specialist in the energy field.


  • New capacity expansion module
    Automatic planning of investments with customizable constraints


  • Integrated DC Load flow

    New simulation possibilities with power flow modelling


  • Energy multi modelling

    Easily switch between different models and asset behaviors



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