The Directorate-General for Energy is the department of the European Commission that is responsible for developing and implementing the European Union's energy policy. Its priority is to ensure Europe benefits from secure, sustainable, and competitive energy. In order to pursue an evidence-based policy making process, DG Energy has selected Artelys [1] for the development of a new analytical tool: METIS.

Based on the Artelys Crystal technology, this tool will be dedicated to the simulation of energy systems and markets. It will embed and combine many technological innovations in the software, data analysis, and optimization domains. Its ergonomic interface allows for a user-friendly and efficient modelling of the European energy system.

In January 2016, Artelys consultants delivered the first running version of METIS, with a module devoted to the analysis of the EU’s energy security of supply (electricity and gas). New modules aimed at modelling the interplay between day-ahead, intraday and balancing electricity markets at the European level are expected to be delivered in October 2016.

[1] Following an open call for tenders available here.