• New Object Oriented API
    for C++, Java and C#

  • New specialized MATLAB function for solving nonlinear systems of equations


  • New options to control termination based on objective value changes or number of function evaluations

  • New Hessian/second-order derivative checker


  • Overall speed and robustness improvements on NLP and MINLP models (23% decrease in CPU time compared to KNITRO 9.1)






Additional features:

• More extensive presolving to further reduce problem size.
• New "datacheck" option to turn off data checking (for improved speed).
• New "act_qpalg" option to specify the algorithm to use for solving QP subproblems in the active-set or SQP algorithms.
• New option to export Knitro-Tuner results in a csv file.


Artelys Knitro 10.0 presentation will be held on Sunday at 4:30pm – Room 302, Convention Center. Maxime Fender, Optimization Consultant at Artelys, will also present an application of Knitro to AC Optimal Power Flow on Sunday at 8:00am – Room Franklin 5, Marriott.

Conference site: 

Pennsylvania Convention Center 1101 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19107