Artelys Crystal Super Grid allows Transmission System Operators, regulators, and national authorities to perform power system simulations and analysis efficiently within a simple, user-friendly interface. Reference data is already included and the geographical view lets users analyze results at a glance and input parameters directly. The 2015.1 release comes with new features that will improve analysis and data organisation.


  • New KPIs
    Easy to configure or aggregate


  • Open database
    Immediate and easy import/export


  • Global consistency check
    Detection of erroneous parameters
    and time series


More details on the new features of Artelys Crystal Super Grid 2015.1:

Multi-scale reporting: The geographical view in Artelys Crystal Super Grid already lets you visually analyze flows, welfare gains and changes in production patterns at the right scale. Now, it also allows you to combine KPI values over the zones or technologies of your choice, and instantly view them in geographical format or in a table.

Integrated yet open database: Artelys Crystal Super Grid now includes database functionalities, allowing users to import, store, organize, export, and automatically check data in their own databases. Data is stored within a custom-designed database that is easy to read, modify, split, merge, and share.

Consistency checks: Artelys Crystal Super Grid now performs numerous consistency checks adapted to power system data: wind production, solar production, thermal availability, and more. 

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