Artelys is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ziena Optimization!

Artelys' merger with Ziena builds upon a longstanding partnership between the two firms. The KNITRO solver is currently distributed exclusively by Artelys, with users in more than 40 countries around the world. The move strengthens Artelys’ position in the world of nonlinear optimization and analytics.

The KNITRO development team has now joined Artelys and will be reinforced. In this way, development and support for KNITRO will continue to grow and expand through increased efforts in research and innovation.

About Ziena Optimization

Headquartered in the state of Illinois, USA, Ziena was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of Northwestern University to develop and sell KNITRO, the industry's best nonlinear solver. Today, KNITRO provides four distinct algorithms for continuous optimization and two methods for mixed-integer nonlinear optimization. It also comes with numerous interfaces for programming and modeling languages and is available on most popular computing platforms. KNITRO is used in many different industries as both a stand-alone solver and an embedded optimization engine.