Thanks to feedback from our customers and hard work on the part of our R&D team – as well as the support of France’s Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) through the POST project – Artelys is able to proudly announce that Artelys Crystal Super Grid 2014.1.2 is out! This release mainly provides improved, faster performance for large-scale supply vs. demand equilibrium calculations involving multiple zones and time increments.

What is SuperGrid?

Artelys Crystal Super Grid is the solution for the quantitative cost-benefit analysis of power investments in large interconnected systems. It includes:

  • Cutting-edge optimization techniques for efficiently computing the optimal dispatch of power in multiple zones and time increments while taking into account stocks, gradient constraints, and more.
  • A high-end user-friendly interface for analyzing the impact of energy investments on indicators like total surplus, CO2 emissions, or marginal costs at a glance.

To learn more about Artelys Crystal Super Grid, have a look at our brand-new video:

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