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Oil & Gas

Downstream: Refining operations
Upstream: Surface network design
Upstream - Exploration & Production optimization
LNG carrier - transport optimization

The global oil & gas business is a complex field, perpetually challenged to adapt, evolve and grow. The volatility of prices observed during the last decade has driven operators to seek efficiency gains at every level to ensure the viability of new developments and minimize operational costs. This environment stimulates innovation and the use of cutting-edge technologies in oil & gas, in order to remain a thriving sector.

With a highly qualified team of consultants, Artelys helps its clients optimize their infrastructure and operations, bringing state-of-the-art operations research technologies to the petroleum industry. In order to find the right solution to each specific problem, Artelys offers a wide range of customizable software solutions and consulting services.


We help companies involved in several subsectors of the oil & gas industry.

Production optimization

Upstream - Exploration & Production

By developing tools for the E&P sector, Artelys has accumulated a deep knowledge and a strong experience in optimizing crude oil or natural gas production, from wellheads to separation and storage facilities.

Pipeline network design

Upstream - Pipeline network design

Artelys develops and distributes the Artelys Crystal Network Designer software dedicated to the design of oilfield surface networks. Our oil and gas consulting team is ready to partner with you to help optimize investment decisions in such key infrastructures.



Midstream - Storage & Transportation

In the midstream sector, optimizing the LNG carriers’ utilization is key. Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer is tailored to help shippers meet their customer’s demands taking into account cargo fleet logistics.

Refining operations

Downstream - Refining operations

Drawing upon its experience with refining operations, Artelys helps professionals tackle real-word challenges. In particular, Artelys develops and distributes Artelys Knitro, a world-class nonlinear solver, that optimizes refinery operations and crude purchases.

Marketing and distribution

Downstream - Marketing and distribution

The downstream segment involves identifying the best time to buy and put petroleum products on the market, and optimize the logistics accordingly. Artelys provides a broad spectrum of data science services to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Artelys also distributes the Artelys Kalis, a well-suited tool to solve vehicle routing problems.



Artelys offers consulting services to identify key potential for improvement in oil & gas processes. Our consultants are specialized in optimization, decision-support and data science. They combine analytical rigor with extensive industry experience and optimization expertise in order to provide insightful solutions to clients’ challenges.

Consulting oil&gas

Consulting oil&gas


Artelys offers its training programs in mathematical optimization, statistical methods and energy system optimization to stakeholders of the oil & gas business. In addition, Artelys provides custom on-demand trainings, focused on applications of optimization and data science techniques to the petroleum industry.

Custom software

We provide customized software that brings optimization and data science to the oil & gas industry. We are able to assist you at any stage of the project from the specification of your business strategy and priorities to the integration of software components into existing information systems. For more information, please see our dedicated page.

Consulting oil&gas


Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer is a software that specializes in the planning of activities and resources under constraints such as storage capacities. It is well-suited to optimize midstream and downstream logistics.

Artelys Crystal Network Designer

Artelys Crystal Network Designer is dedicated to the optimization of the design of complex supply networks, such as oilfield surface facilities.

Artelys Crystal Forecast

Artelys Crystal Forecast allows you to generate trustworthy price, demand and production forecasts for the short, mid and long-term horizons, covering both your operational and strategic planning needs. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and a guided process, it is easy to automatically exploit data flows, parametrize a wide range of statistical learning models, generate forecasts and gain visibility into your future.