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Artelys Knitro - Nonlinear optimization solver

Frequently asked questions

This section has a selection of general issues encountered during the installation or the use of Artelys Knitro and our answers to help you. For specific help, please contact us.

Purchase and use

Q: What should I do to purchase Artelys Knitro?
A: Please contact Artelys Knitro sales team.

Q: Can I use all interfaces if I purchase the Artelys Knitro solver through a modeling language's website?
A: No. When Artelys Knitro is purchased through a modeling language vendor, Artelys Knitro can only be used through that particular modeling language or interface. To embed Artelys Knitro in a C/C++ or FORTRAN program, you must purchase the full Artelys Knitro libraries through Artelys.


Q: Why does get_machine_ID.exe say the machine ID could not be determined?
A: On Windows this may happen if your machine is not connected to a network. The machine ID includes an Ethernet address, but Windows does not make the address available unless the network connection is enabled. See the Ziena License Manager User's Manual for details.

Q: What should I do when I have difficulties installing Artelys Knitro?
A: Read sections Installation and Troubleshooting of the user manual. If you cannot resolve your problem, please contact Artelys Knitro support team (for users under maintenance only).

Tips & tricks

Q: What should I do to make Artelys Knitro solve my problem faster?
A: Read section Tips and Tricks of the user manual. If you cannot resolve your problem, please contact Artelys Knitro support team (for users under maintenance only).

Q: Where can I discuss with the Artelys Knitro community?
A: The Artelys Knitro forum is hosted by a Google group. You can refer to the Artelys Knitro community to discuss about Artelys Knitro, provide feedbacks, ask technical questions, etc. Anyone can view the discussions. To post a message you need to sign into Google, but Google accounts are free.

Technical references

Q: Which article should I mention if I want to add a reference to Artelys Knitro in my paper?
A: If you need to mention Artelys Knitro in a publication, please insert the following reference:

R. H. Byrd, J. Nocedal, and R. A. Waltz, "KNITRO: An Integrated Package for Nonlinear Optimization" in Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization, G. di Pillo and M. Roma, eds, pp. 35-59 (2006), Springer-Verlag. 

Q: Where can I read more information about the algorithms implemented inside Artelys Knitro?
A: Read section Bibliography of the user manual.

Discussion groups

Artelys Knitro Forum: Help group for Artelys Knitro; ask technical questions, report experiences, suggest tips.

• Artelys Knitro Linkedin Group: Business group for Artelys Knitro; share your experience with other Artelys Knitro users and be kept informed of all the new developments.

Artelys Knitro support

Artelys provides worldwide technical support and assistance for Artelys Knitro.

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