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Artelys Kalis has also been associated to Xpress-Mosel, becoming the new constraint programming component Xpress-Kalis. The Xpress-Mosel language provides direct access, under Windows in the IVE development environment, to any extensions developed by the user: new constraints, new research strategies, and so on.


Problem classes solved by Kalis

• General Mixed Integer Nonlinear Problems (MIP/MINLP)
• Process Planning and Scheduling
• Resource Allocation and Crew Rostering
• Vehicle Routing and Supply Chain Design

Key features

• Integrated in the Xpress-Mosel language for faster and easier model prototyping and development

• Available through Xpress-IVE modeling environment

- Syntax coloring
- Model and search statistics
- Search tree visualization

• Comprehensive library of constraints and search heuristics

• Specialized modeling objects, constraints and search heuristics for scheduling and resource allocation problems

• User-defined constraints, search heuristics and callbacks inside Mosel

• Automatic generation of LP or MIP relaxations that can be solved with Xpress-Optimizer for faster optimization runs

• New! Multi-threaded optimization for multi-core architectures