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Artelys Crystal Super Grid


Transmission and production capacity expansion planning

Energy systems are rapidly getting more and more complex with the increasing integration of intermittent energy sources and energy markets coupling together on a large scale. Therefore, the future of energy mixes in most countries is rather uncertain. Regulators, energy producers, public actors and transmission system operators have to take strategic decisions, that suppose they master the complexity and the uncertainty of energy systems. Artelys Crystal Super Grid provides a comprenhensive interface that, along with the most advanced quantitative tools will help you evaluate the costs and benefits and optimize of transmission/production/storage.



Turnkey cost-benefit analysis

Provided with an extensive physical and financial assets library (thermal plant, renewables, power lines, markets, national demands), Artelys Crystal Super Grid offers turnkey solutions to model actual or future energy mixes.

Based on powerful optimization solvers, Artelys Crystal Super Grid enables you to simulate rapidly and accurately the offer-demand balance on a multi-energy (electricity, gas, coal, etc.) interconnected zones. Results are reported in a simplistic way so as to easily observe imports/exports between zones (countries or regions), energy prices, pollutant emissions or energy productions for each asset.

Capacity expansion planning

Would a transmission line between A and B be more expensive than a storage plant in A? What would be the optimal capacity of such transmission line in a given mix? Would the result be the same if a large investment in wind farms is made in the zone B?

Artelys Crystal Super Grid allows not only to describe and compare various investment strategies in various energy contexts, but also to optimize asset sizes taking in account users criteria and constraints.

Geographical views, detailed or aggregated indicators

Why is this transmission lign more used in a context and less in another? Which production assets prevail depending on the period?

Artelys Crystal Super Grid has been designed to provide synthetic quantitative indicators adapted to each problem. From geographical views to understand flows between zones to cumulated views to apprehend production dispatch constantly, Artelys Crystal Super Grid comes with a large range of indicators, aggregated or detailed, which allow the mastering of energy system's complexity. It also allows you to combine KPI values over the zones or technologies of your choice, and instantly view them in geographical format or in a table.

Integrated yet open database

Artelys Crystal Super Grid now includes database functionalities, allowing users to import, store, organize, export, and automatically check data in their own databases.

Data items (values or time series) are imported along with information on their author, source, creation date, technology type, validity period, and more. Data is stored within a custom-designed database that is easy to read, modify, split, merge, and share.

Consistency checks: verified data, trustworthy results

Power system planning studies at a national or continental scale involve hundreds of input parameters and tens of thousands of numerical values. This is a huge source of risk with respect to the validity of your conclusions. What if a couple of values were copy-pasted incorrectly and don’t make sense? How do you detect it?

Artelys Crystal Super Grid now performs numerous consistency checks adapted to power system data: wind production, solar production, thermal availability, and more.


Consistency checks: verified data, trustworthy results Costs and benefits evaluationDetailed production

Key features

• Modeling of networks: description of interconnections with capacities, CAPEX, OPEX, etc.
• Multi-zone simulation of the optimal management of the power system
• Built-in handling of long-term uncertainties: integration of renewables, share of thermal fuel units, nuclear in the mix, demand growth
Weather-based scenarios for demand and intermittent production
• Easy set-up of long-term scenarios, easy switch from one scenario to another
• Comparison of different scenarios: production mix, CO2 emissions, production costs
• Data is stored within a custom-designed database
• Consistency checks adapted to power system data

Simulation and analysis modules

Long-term scenarios handling

Artelys Crystal Super Grid provides a synthetic overview of your scenarios through a time representation:
• Directly access any of your scenarios by a simple click
• Copy and paste to easily create a new variation of your scenario
• Compare results of numerous long-term scenarios
• Separate time series between hourly profiles and long-term tendencies to bring consistency to your studies

Spatial representation of zones

In order to better analyze simulation results and provide clear reporting, Artelys Crystal Super Grid helps you to:
• Create any asset by a simple right-click on the zone
• Observe the evolution of flows time step by time step, or aggregated over periods of time
• Analyze any result on the map: generation/consumption, nodal price, CO2 emissions
• Instantly visualize the KPIs in geographical format or in a table

Detailed demand modeling

Artelys Crystal Super Grid is able to generate demand scenarios using:
• Hourly, daily and weekly profiles
• Weather dependencies
• Sector-based profiles when necessary

Demand sensitivity analysis is made easy.

Optimization engine & detailed analysis

Artelys Crystal Super Grid provides functionalities to:
• Jointly optimize production and transmission for the system using Artelys Crystal Optimization Engine
• Store the values of all decision variables at any time for any scenario
• Analyze decision variables details: marginal costs, cumulative productions, loss of load probability, and more

Benefits for businesses

Artelys Crystal Super Grid offers to energy investors a decision-support software to flawlessly benchmark different investment strategies for the power grid, on numerous long-term scenarios.

Some applications

• Assessment of the optimal size a new infrastructure component: transmission line, production unit,
• Analysis of future energy mixes for several long-term scenarios: integration of renewables, demand
• Cost-benefit analysis for multi-zone projects: easy benchmark of concurrent investment projects
• Congestion analysis and evaluation of marginal costs of production for coupled zones

Independency and efficiency

Artelys Crystal Super Grid is developed by an independent optimization software editor.

Adaptive solutions

Artelys consultants can help you take advantage of Artelys Crystal Super Grid’s flexibility for complex studies.