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Artelys Crystal Industry


Production planning strategies tool

In energy-intensive facilities, internal power plants generate various utilities (gas, heat, electricity, steam, etc.) to support industrial processes. Improving their energy efficiency requires reliable and advanced optimization tools.
Artelys Crystal Industry helps utility plant managers design efficient production planning strategies that accurately integrate operational rules with economic and environmental challenges.

Decision-support software for energy-intensive industries

Artelys Crystal Industry can be used in a wide range of industries such as refining, metals, chemicals, paper, glass, cement, etc. It enables decision-makers to:

Decrease utility costs without investment by improving management strategies and market operations through the computation of optimized production plans
• Create new strategies adapting to changes in regulatory or economic environments (utility price variations, capacity markets, new emissions controls)
• Compute the accurate cost-benefit value of new investments on production or storage units

Advanced optimization technologies to improve energy efficiency

Artelys Crystal Industry is part of the Artelys Crystal Energy Software Suite.
It relies on state-of-the-art technologies to handle the complexity of your process:

• Comprehensive approach with detailed modeling of operational, economic and environmental parameters
• Powerful time-dependent optimization and simulation engine for planning and decision-support

Progressive and structured workflow

Use the built-in workflow to create efficient new strategies:

1. Easily describe your plant including detailed production units (turbines, boilers, storage units, etc.), demands and markets ; fine tune their parameters utilizing historical production data

2. Simulate your current management strategy

3. Let our powerful optimization tool identify potential cost savings

4. Design and simulate your own new policies or investments

5. Compare their economic and environmental impacts through quantitative indicators

Physical assetsSimulation of your current management strategy


A comprehensive model of your process

Artelys Crystal Industry relies on cutting-edge technologies to handle the complexity of your process:

• Comprehensive approach with detailed modeling of operational, economic and environmental parameters
• Powerful time-dependent optimization and simulation engine for planning and decision-support

Industrial plant and assets description

• Built-in asset library (turbines, boilers, storage units, etc.)
Fine-tuning of process unit characteristics (capacities, yields, etc.)
• Energy and utility demands (gas, electricity, heat, steam, etc.)
• Associated contracts and markets (electricity grid with regulated or open market, varying gas prices, etc.)

Accurate time-dependent constraints

• Long period of time (weeks, months, years)
• Short time steps (typically hours)
• Operational constraints (efficiency curves, minimum durations, reserve constraints, start-up ramps, etc.)
• Detailed costs (varying fuel costs, start-up costs, etc.)

Physical assetsPhysical assets settingsEnergy demands

Multiple simulation modes

Artelys Crystal Industry offers a built-in workflow to create efficient new strategies in three simple steps:

Historical replay

Integration of actual historical data (including those missing or corrupted) and parameters tuning against this data
      Careful validation of the operational model and generation of reference plan for alternative simulations

Optimization mode

A least-cost production plan is automatically computed for all assets and time steps
      Comparison with historical replay highlighting potential savings and major sources of improvement

Custom strategy mode

User-defined operational strategies (such as tailor-made threshold strategies) are used for planning computations
      Selection of the best balance between operability and efficiency by decision-makers

Operational, financial and environmental analysis

Artelys Crystal Industry includes advanced visualization tools for detailed and global results analysis:

Custom production indicators

Supply cost over time, start-up count, fuel cost for a specific unit, CO2 emissions, etc.

Detailed comparison of management strategies

Assess the economic and environmental impact of different guidelines through quantitative evaluation (CAPEX, OPEX, emissions, maintenance costs, risk exposure, etc.)

Investment decision-support

Accurate analysis through operational simulation: compare optimized management of the new plant configurations related to a range of investment scenarios

Custom production indicatorsComparison of management strategiesInvestment decision-support

Artelys Crystal Industry allows you to…

Reduce your costs and environmental impact with accurate operational planning

• Design robust operational management policies to decrease utility costs without investment
• Evaluate the flexibility of your current industrial system on energy markets
• Easily compare the financial and environmental impacts of management strategies

Create adaptive strategies and improve your return on investment

• Design new strategies adapting to changes in regulation or economic environment:
- utility prices variations
- new emissions constraints
- capacity markets

• Compute the accurate profitability and environmental impacts of investment projects:
- New assets: traditional, cogeneration, storage, renewables, etc.
- Connection to new sources of supply or sales: markets, bilateral contracts, use of external steam provider, connection to urban heating network, etc.
- Revamping of current assets: increase of capacity or efficiency, ability to produce/consume new energies, etc.

Innovative software for operational challenges

 Artelys Crystal Industry was born thanks to the support of the European Commission through the CitInES project ( ). CitInES is part of the Europe 2020 strategy about delivering growth that is smart and sustainable.

During this project, Artelys Crystal Industry has been tested on the complex utility process of a refinery, operated by Tupras, with a processing capacity of 8.5 million tons of crude oil per year:

 Our plant in Izmit produces its own power and utilities and we are looking for ways to improve its energy efficiency by rationalizing our operational management strategies or by investing in new assets. The tool developed with the CitInES project will handle our complex utility systems and provide clear and practical strategies to operate our assets, use Turkish electricity markets, and select the most appropriate investment projects. The new operational guidelines designed using the software are expected to decrease our supply costs and CO2 emissions with no investments.

                                                                                                              Dr. A. Murat Yıldırım / R&D Manager, Tupras

Independence and efficiency

Artelys Crystal Industry is developed by an independent optimization software editor.

Adaptive solution

Artelys consultants can help you take advantage of Artelys Crystal Industry’s flexibility for complex studies and integration with your IT system.