Welcome to Artelys Crystal Super Grid’s documentation!

Artelys Crystal Super Grid is developed by Artelys. This software is part of the Artelys Crystal suite, which is dedicated to the economic optimization and management of energy systems. It was originally developed for the POST R&D project, supported by ADEME.

This following documentation aims at providing a global understanding of Artelys Crystal Super Grid software operations. Both the underlying models and the indicators used to analyze the results of the simulation are covered by this documentation :

  • Asset models : This section details the different assets that can be used to create a scenario representing a given energy system. The complete description of each asset can be found on page Library. The assets rely on complex models, with advanced features that manage several energies at an hourly granularity. To handle the associated model equations, an api has been developed.
  • Indicators : This section focuses on the indicators used in Artelys Crystal Super Grid to analyze the results.
  • Context actions : This section details context actions, used to perform specific scripted actions on one context
  • Import scripts for context creation : This section lists the available scripts that can be used to create a new context by importing an existing scenario from the database.

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Asset models


Import scripts for context creation

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