Import scripts

The easiest way to create a new context is to duplicate an existing one in the long term view.

Import scripts can also be used to create a context by importing a scenario from the database. Assets will be created according to the asset list and their parameters values in this scenario.

Import script are useful in particular to :

  • create contexts with only a few countries or with agregated regions.
  • choose a list of test cases corresponding to historical years for demand and RES time series
  • choose the level of details for the model of assets (see the behaviors section in the library documentation page)

To run an import script, open the Scripting menu at the top left of the screen, open the Console. Then in the File menu, load a script from the list of delivered scripts. Check parameters and change them if necessary (in particular the new context name) before clicking on the green arrow to run the script. Information will be logged in the console.

After importing, a new context box will appear in the main view.


This script allows to import scenario with a standard format:

  • One to four import Excel files:

    • assets.xlsx
    • contracts.xlsx
    • transmissions.xlsx
    • modelObjects.xlsx

    They are not compulsory, and the user have the possibility to import a subset of these files.

  • A single temporal DataBase (with a single source tag)

This script is divided in two files:

  • for the import parameters definition
  • to fetch data from the DataBase and create the context

Main import features

A series of import script features has been developed in order to ease customisation:

  1. Aggregate zones
  2. Filter and merge infos
  3. Change behaviors
  4. Change parameters value
  5. Change parameters value from a csv file
  6. Change parameters value from an Excel configuration file.