Context actions enable you to perform scripted actions on one context (by itself, or using information from another context). They can be launched manually via the context action view. Once created, some of them can also be launched automatically after some events (end of computation, context edition eg).

The context action view is available by right-clicking on a context icon.

context action view

Propagate capacities

This script is useful after computing optimal capacities with the capacity optimisation scope. It will update the parameters ‘Pmax’ and ‘Storage capacity’ with optimization results. The user can launch the simulation scope with the updated capacities afterwards.

Propagate demands

This context action aims at replacing the parameter ‘Demand’ with optimization results for demand-response assets.

Cleanup results

This context action deletes the calculated results in the current context


This context action computes all KPIs of the current context at once


This context action deletes all KPI values in the current context