Class KTaskSelector

Direct Known Subclasses:
KLargestDurationDomain, KLargestEarliestCompletionTime, KLargestEarliestStartTime, KLargestLatestCompletionTime, KLargestLatestStartTime, KSmallestEarliestCompletionTime, KSmallestEarliestStartTime, KSmallestLatestCompletionTime, KSmallestLatestStartTime, KSmallestTargetStartTime, KTaskInputOrder, KTaskRandomOrder

public class KTaskSelector extends Object
Abstract interface class for task selection heuristic
A custom scheduling optimization strategy can be specified by using the
KTaskSerializer branching scheme to select the task to be scheduled and value
choice heuristics for its start and duration variables.

See Also:
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  • Field Details

    • swigCMemOwn

      protected transient boolean swigCMemOwn
  • Constructor Details

    • KTaskSelector

      protected KTaskSelector(long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
    • KTaskSelector

      public KTaskSelector()
      Empty constructor
    • KTaskSelector

      public KTaskSelector(KProblem problem)
      Constructor with KProblem
    • KTaskSelector

      public KTaskSelector(KTaskSelector selectorToCopy)
      Copy constructor
  • Method Details

    • getCPtr

      protected static long getCPtr(KTaskSelector obj)
    • finalize

      protected void finalize()
      finalize in class Object
    • delete

      public void delete()
    • swigDirectorDisconnect

      protected void swigDirectorDisconnect()
    • swigReleaseOwnership

      public void swigReleaseOwnership()
    • swigTakeOwnership

      public void swigTakeOwnership()
    • getProblem

      public KProblem getProblem()
    • selectNextTask

      public KTask selectNextTask(KTaskArray taskArray)
      virtual interface method to overload for definition of your own task selection heuristics

    • getCopyPtr

      public KTaskSelector getCopyPtr()
      Return a copy of this task selector

      a copy of this task selector
    • printName

      public void printName()
      Pretty printing
    • getName

      public String getName()
      Return the name of this task selector