Class KBranchingSchemeGroup


public class KBranchingSchemeGroup extends Object
A branching scheme group represents a list of branching schemes to use nested
branching schemes.

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  • Field Details

    • swigCMemOwn

      protected transient boolean swigCMemOwn
  • Constructor Details

    • KBranchingSchemeGroup

      protected KBranchingSchemeGroup(long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
    • KBranchingSchemeGroup

      public KBranchingSchemeGroup(KBranchingSchemeArray branchings, int tag)
    • KBranchingSchemeGroup

      public KBranchingSchemeGroup(KBranchingSchemeArray branchings)
    • KBranchingSchemeGroup

      public KBranchingSchemeGroup(KBranchingSchemeGroup toCopy)
  • Method Details

    • getCPtr

      protected static long getCPtr(KBranchingSchemeGroup obj)
    • finalize

      protected void finalize()
      finalize in class Object
    • delete

      public void delete()
    • getBranchings

      public KBranchingSchemeArray getBranchings()
    • getCopyPtr

      public KBranchingSchemeGroup getCopyPtr()
    • isFixed

      public boolean isFixed()
    • getTag

      public int getTag()
    • print

      public void print(com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_std__ostream fout)
      Pretty printing of the task with a PrintFunctionPtr
    • print

      public void print(com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_void ctx, com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_f_p_void_p_q_const__char__int pfp)
    • print

      public void print()
    • setSolver_I_ptr

      public void setSolver_I_ptr(com.artelys.kalis.SWIGTYPE_p_KSolver_I solver_I)
    • getPriority

      public double getPriority()