Senior Data Scientist
For client or internal R&D projects, you will be responsible for enhancing the value of the data made available to you by designing and implementing the most advanced and relevant data processing bricks and statistical, machine learning or Deep Learning algorithms to address the business problem.

Why join Artelys?

Joining Artelys means above all joining a dynamic and motivated team, a stimulating work environment and participating in varied and exciting projects. Working at Artelys offers the opportunity to deal with advanced technical issues within a talented team with the possibility of rapidly increasing your skills and responsibilities.

Artelys implements quantitative decision support solutions, using mathematical decision support models and algorithms: statistics, data analysis, artificial intelligence, numerical optimization and operations research.

Our activities applied to the key sectors of Energy, Transport, Mobility, Health and more generally to the public sector place Artelys as a key player in the ecological transition through the support and advice it provides to private companies and public institutions.

Some examples of recent projects carried out by Artelys:

  • On behalf of the RATP, Artelys has demonstrated the contribution of artificial intelligence methods to produce more accurate and stable estimated bus arrival times at their stops. This technological advance will significantly improve passenger information for users of bus lines in the Paris area.
  • For RTE’s R&D department, Artelys has developed a tool, in the form of an R package, for the study of short-term forecasting models for photovoltaic and wind power production on a national and local scale, as well as for electricity consumption. The contribution of Artelys has enabled the comparison of the performance of Machine/Deep Learning models (XGboost, Multi-channel neural networks) to the statistical model approaches that are currently the reference in the field.

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As part of a dynamic, high-level team, you will work jointly on R&D and customer projects, focusing on data valuation, design and implementation of data science methods:

  • Extract, structure and explore raw data sets (potentially very large and from disparate sources), implement visualisation techniques to make sense of them, apply consolidation methods to give them a robust structure as a basis for modelling
  • Determine and build the learning environment (explanatory variables, test/validation procedure, performance criteria)
  • Implement and test a wide range of modelling solutions (from classical statistics to modern machine learning techniques), in order to exploit the best combination of them
  • Participate in the industrialisation of artificial intelligence models by improving the robustness of the algorithms, by taking part in the acceptance phase at the time of production and by implementing the performance monitoring elements of the models
  • Develop solutions for the visualisation and exploitation of results in an operational context


    You are the ideal candidate if:

  • You hold an engineering degree, a master’s degree and/or a PhD with a specialisation in applied statistics
  • You have a first experience of at least 3 years in the design, implementation and deployment of advanced artificial intelligence methods in a company or within a thesis
  • You have an advanced level of knowledge justified by several years of experience in at least one of the following fields:
    • Time series modelling and forecasting
    • Machine Learning/Deep Learning techniques
    • Automatic Language Processing (NLP)
  • You are an experienced developer in Python and/or R
  • You consider that understanding the business context associated with a data problem is essential to its resolution
  • You know that the best model is not necessarily the most complicated
  • You are autonomous, rigorous and a strong team player
  • Any experience in our main business sectors (Energy, Transport, Mobility, Health) will be valued
  • In addition, a good fluency in French will be highly appreciated.

    Experiencing a strong growth, Artelys is looking for proactive and creative employees, conscious about the added value of their work and motivated to take part in the development of our activities.


    Permanent position in Paris, Nantes or Lyon.


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