Numerical Optimization and Simulation Expert

Apply your numerical skills in the field of mathematical programming and operations research to design and develop advanced optimization solvers and simulators.

why join artelys?

We are a young and open-minded team, applying advanced mathematics in key sectors such as energy, transportation, and logistics. Our activities position Artelys as a committed player in the ecological transition, providing support and advice to private companies and public institutions. Joining Artelys means, above all, becoming part of a dynamic and motivated team, working in a stimulating environment, and participating in impactful and exciting projects. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • To power the Artelys Crystal suite, Artelys has developed an optimization engine that integrates, among other things, algorithms to optimize the deployment of technologies in the energy sector. This computation engine is thus able to solve major problems by relying on advanced operational research techniques, implemented with a strong requirement for numerical efficiency and using parallel computing.


  • Developed and distributed by Artelys, Artelys Knitro is one of the most advanced nonlinear optimization solvers in the world, and used by hundreds of companies, universities, and research laboratories.


  • Delivered to a consortium of European TSOs, the TERRE project (Trans-European Replacement Reserves Exchange) aims at developing an IT platform for the market clearing of services exchanged between the European producers and TSOs. Artelys, together with its partners, is responsible for providing the platform’s market clearing engine. The algorithm will go through the resolution of a large and complex optimization problem, which will take into account the offers of the various suppliers, balancing requests and strict equity constraints between the actors. As the optimization engine is receiving and matching quotes every hour of the day, its robustness and performance are very strongly constrained: results are to be provided within 3 minutes for a problem containing up to 500,000 offers (infos).


Within our R&D teams, you will apply your digital skills in the field of operations research to design and develop cutting-edge optimization solvers.

You will often have the opportunity to work on various types of digital libraries developed by Artelys: continuous and mixed nonlinear programming (Artelys Knitro), constraint programming (Artelys Kalis), optimization of energy systems (Artelys Crystal Optimization Engine).

You will be responsible for developing new algorithmic features combining mathematics and computer science, while striving to maintain a high level of software robustness and performance.

Depending on the projects, the solutions developed may fall into three different frameworks:

  • Numerical and combinatorial optimization software developed by Artelys, in particular  Artelys Knitro,  Artelys Kalis , Artelys Crystal Optimization Engine,or PowSyBl Open Load Flow
  • Computation modules for one of our clients
  • Prototypes within research projects in which Artelys is involved


    what we are looking for

    Your application will be highly appreciated if:

  • You hold a PhD in applied mathematics or operations research, or have equivalent experience of at least 3 years after obtaining an engineering degree or higher education qualification
  • You have proficiency in Python or C/C++ programming language
  •  You have expertise in various optimization methods: graph theory, continuous optimization algorithms, combinatorial optimization algorithms, nonlinear optimization, etc.
  • You have proficiency in designing and optimizing algorithms for high performance computing (HPC) environments
  • Fluency in English. French is a plus
  • You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You have additional knowledge in software programming (Spring, BDD, NoSQL, REST/Microservices, Message queuing, etc.) and in compilation
  • You are proficient in other programming languages (MATLAB, R, Julia, Java, C#)
  •  You are proficient in linear algebra tools (especially methods for solving linear systems)
  • Previous contributions to open source projects related to numerical optimization, simulation, or computational science would be highly valued. Active participation in relevant communities and networks is a plus
  • Curious and enthusiastic, you enjoy tackling complex problems and aspire to develop high-performance, innovative software tools based on cutting-edge mathematical methods. You also demonstrate a high level of rigor in the work you undertake. You aim to contribute to creating a work environment where everyone can develop their skills and initiative.


    Permanent position in our Paris, Lyon, or Nantes office.

    Up to 2 days of telecommuting per week.


    This is your dream job? Apply now!



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