Robust power grid state estimation
Improve the performance of a load flow grid simulation using Non-Linear Programming.

Why join Artelys?

Artelys is a company specialized in mathematical optimisation, quantitative decision-making, and scientific modeling. Relying on its high-level expertise in quantitative methods, Artelys delivers efficient solutions to complex business problems and provides services to numerous industries: energy, transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing, etc. Artelys is an international company with offices in France, Canada, Belgium, Spain and the USA.

Artelys offers several products and services, including software solutions (mathematical optimization software, business specific customized and custom solutions), studies, consulting, training, etc. Artelys consultants deliver operational solutions that perform security analysis of power grids, i.e., simulations that check that the power grid will be safely operated on the short term (e.g., from one day ahead to real-time). These analyzes rely on state estimation algorithms that can produce a consistent estimation of the state of a power system using unperfect set of measurements. While these state estimators have been deployed long ago on transmission grids, they still lack robustness in front of some measurement errors that sometimes led to black-outs.

internship description

State estimators’ algorithms are usually using the weighted least square algorithm and heuristics to detect erroneous measurements. While very efficient to handle “classic” measurements errors, they are not fit to detect topological errors like bad information about the open/close status of a switch. The improvement of the performances of Artelys Knitro on MINLP suggest that it is now possible to improve the state estimators by making them robust to these errors.

Starting from an existing Optimal Power Flow, the intern will design and implement a robust ste estimator using the power system modeling library PowSyBl, the algebraic modeling language AMPL, and the non-linear solver Artelys Knitro and build realistic datasets to test it.


The candidate must be in his/her last year of master’s degree in computer science and/or applied mathematics and/or power systems and/or operations research.

Required skills: 

  • Mathematical optimization
  • Appreciated competence:

  • Knowledge of algebraic modelers (AMPL, Pyomo,…)
  • Power Systems (Power Flows and Power System Economics)
  • Programming in Java
  • Programming in Python
  • Fluent in French

    The duration of the internship is 6 months. The internship will take place in our Paris or Lyon offices. The internship may lead to a long-term job offer.


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