Power grid computation module development

Developing new power grid analysis and simulation features in the open-source library PowSyBl.

why join artelys?

Artelys is specialized in mathematical optimization, quantitative decision-making, and scientific modeling. Relying on its high level of expertise in quantitative methods, Artelys delivers efficient solutions to complex business problems. They provide services to numerous industries: Energy, Transportation, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, etc. Artelys is an international company with offices in France (Paris, Lyon, Nantes), Canada (Montréal), Belgium (Brussels), and the USA (Chicago).  

Artelys offers several products and services, including software solutions (mathematical optimization software, business-specific customized and custom solutions), studies, consulting, training, etc.


Artelys consultants deliver solutions for the strategic and operational management of the power grid based on the open-source library PowSyBl. This library includes several modules:

  • Grid data management: grid computations require gathering complex data at the continental level. PowSyBl handles grid formats like CIM CGMES to model network elements (lines, transformers, generation units, etc.), grid topology (busbar sections, switches, etc.), and computation results. Additional data models describing grid management actions are currently being implemented
  • Grid computation modules: load flow, and security analysis aiming at simulating the power grid in order to ensure its safe operation and optimal power flow in order to operate it at the lowest cost. The architecture of PowSyBl enables the distribution of computations on several servers
  • The intern will develop new features for the Security Analysis module. This module is used to simulate possible future contingencies (e.g. line outages) in order to make sure that their consequences are limited. Grid operators can mitigate their impact by acting quickly after contingencies.

    The intern will participate to the implementation of the simulation of these remedial actions.

    what we are looking for

    The candidate must be in his/her last year of master’s degree in computer science and/or applied mathematics and/or power systems and/or operations research.

    Required skills:

  • Programming in Java
  • Fluent in English
  • Valued skills::

  • Power Systems
  • Programming in Python
  • Fluent in French
  • Benefits

    The duration of the internship is 6 months. The internship will take place in our offices in Lyon or Paris.

    The internship may lead to a long-term job offer.


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