Energy system trajectories for the decarbonization of islands
Artelys is looking for an intern to study the impact of different energy system trajectories for the decarbonization of islands.
Why join Artelys?

Joining Artelys is first and foremost joining a dynamic and motivated team, a stimulating work environment and taking part in varied and fascinating projects.

Artelys won the European Commission’s H2020 INSULAE contract to decarbonize the energy mix of European islands. Implementing renewable energies, increasing energy efficiency, storage or switching to electric vehicles are measures that can help provide isolated systems with safer, cleaner and cheaper energy. Decarbonisation can have environmental benefits, through reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and economic benefits, by increasing the energy independence of island territories. To initiate this process, stakeholders have a wide choice of possible actions, the relevance and impact of which is sometimes difficult to estimate.


In this context, Artelys brings a major contribution to the project by developing an Investment Planning Tool. This software will include a trajectory optimization module over several years and several climatic realizations, whose goal is to annually optimize the investments in order to maximize the Socio-economic Welfare while respecting a set of constraints such as the supply-demand balance to be satisfied at the hourly time step, the life span of past investments, and so forth.

More concretely, the final objective is for decision-makers to be able to answer questions such as: Given the current system, what are the most economically efficient actions to be taken to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030? In what order should they be carried out? What are the associated costs?

The internship will have 3 main components:

  • The understanding of issues related to energy systems to be able to adopt the best possible modeling and provide the most relevant results for the user.
  • The development in Python of the customization overlay of the software, such as the parameterization to represent a particular island or the way to present the results to the user.
  • Team discussion with the project partners on the islands (Madeira, Unije in Croatia and Bornholm in Denmark) for the link with the actual problems of the users and the validation of the models

At the end of the internship, the candidate will be able to apprehend in a systemic way the energy stakes, to expertly use a complex modeling software and to understand the needs of the stakeholders of the energy prospective.


Currently pursuing engineering studies, you are looking for an internship, you are interested in the deep transformations of the electrical system and have a good knowledge in mathematical modeling.

You are looking to apply your technical skills in mathematics/computing to quantitative economic analyses of the energy system. Curious, rigorous and passionate, you show initiative and imagination. You are a team player.

Required skills: 

  • Knowledge of the economics of the electrical system.
  • Python programming.
  • Mathematical modeling. Good knowledge of linear programming is a plus.
  • A good fluency in French.


The duration of the internship is 3 to 6 months. It will take place in our offices in Paris

The internship may lead to a job offer.


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