Design and implementation of a security analysis algorithm for electricity distribution networks

Artelys is looking for an intern with a focus on Web and/or Full Stack development to work on the development of the Artelys Crystal software suite.

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Artelys is a fast-growing company specialising in optimisation, decision support and modelling. With a high level of expertise in quantitative techniques, its engineers and consultants design and implement solutions in a wide range of sectors such as energy, transport and logistics.

In particular, Artelys is developing the Artelys Crystal software suite, whose ambition is to position itself as a world leader in modelling and optimisation solutions for energy systems. Crystal software enables Artelys’ clients to optimise large electrical systems (Crystal Super Grid), to optimise energy production and sales strategies (Crystal Energy Planner), to analyse the impact of energy policies at local level (Crystal City), to plan maintenance operations (Crystal Resource Optimizer) or to carry out complex predictive models (Crystal Forecast). Artelys Crystal has its own library of Java components that feed the suite’s software.


As part of a team with strong technical skills, you will develop your IT skills and participate in the evolution of the Artelys Crystal software platform by addressing a new industrial issue proposed by our customers.

At the intersection of the development of the majority of renewable energies and ‘smart’ technologies, electrical distribution networks are set to play a decisive role in the energy transition. In particular, the deployment and activation of distributed flexibility is one of the most important challenges that must be met in order for the energy transition to be successful. However, today there is no reference software allowing distribution network operators to plan their network in this new paradigm: software based on sizing events or load monotonicity logics cannot properly capture intermittency or flexibility and existing software is not designed to meet the needs of DSOs with regard to the new European Network Codes.

Supported by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), the NEXT project aims to develop the Artelys Crystal Next Grid software, a European reference solution for planning, simulation and sizing of smart grids, by integrating different sources of flexibility:

  • Flexibility of production and consumption
  • Multi-energy flexibility
  • Storage
  • Precise grid control
  • Using the mathematical network models developed by Artelys, the intern will study and implement a security analysis algorithm on the operational distribution network of a medium-sized city in France. He/she will be part of a team of mathematical modeling engineers and software engineers specialized in the energy sector. In close collaboration with the other team members, the intern will be required to:

  • Manipulate complex data models in order to model the situations to be studied associated with curative actions (important volumetry, processing by graph algorithms)
  • Participate in the development, in Artelys Crystal Next Grid, of calling and result processing modules and algorithms
  • Study the performance of the developed algorithms and improve them
  • Within Artelys, the intern will also have the opportunity to participate in other development projects, particularly around the Artelys Crystal software platform used by the Next Grid software.


    You are the ideal candidate if you are finishing your Master degree in the field of IT and software engineering and if you have knowledge in:

  • Web programming (JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS, REST/SOAP, JEE)
  • Object-oriented programming languages (Java C++ or C#)
  • Relational databases and SQL language
  • Softaware engineering and architectures
  • You would like to put your technical skills in mathematics/computing to good use in quantitative economic analyses of the energy system.

    You are curious and passionate, you like to show initiative and imagination. You wish to work within a stimulating environment and develop an expertise in the field of web and/or JEE programming while discovering other IT activities.


    The duration of the internship is 3 to 6 months. The internship will take place in our Paris office. The internship may lead to a long-term job offer.


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