Full-stack web developer
Design and develop innovative software solutions and contribute to the development of the software platform Artelys Crystal.

Why join Artelys?

Joining Artelys is first and foremost joining a dynamic and motivated team, a stimulating work environment and taking part in varied and fascinating projects. Artelys develops its own software suite based on Artelys Crystal platform, integrating statistical forecasting or optimization models. The company is strongly involved in R&D, exploring and experimenting with innovative techniques and tools in AI and optimization to provide its customers with state-of-the-art solutions in energy transition, planification and transportation. In addition, the business of Artelys is varied and involves operating software solutions, prototyping and quantitative studies. 

Working at Artelys offers the opportunity to study cutting-edge technical problems within a talented and motivated team, with opportunities of quick upskilling and responsibilities. 

You are motivated in joining the brand-new Artelys Madrid team, to help expand its activity to the Spanish territory. You want to participate in the creation of a new structure and be a part of this new adventure! 

job description

We are currently looking for a full-stack web developer to join our team/ They would assist us in the development of the various web applications we build for our clients, such as Artelys Crystal platform or other, specifically tailored solutions.  

As part of our team, you will put your development skills and expertise in designing complex applications to: 

  • Develop and maintain Crystal software platform, with a long-term perspective
  • Participate as a technical expert in high-level discussions about new major features in Artelys Crystal to expand its offer to new players
  • Design, develop and deploy web applications in their globality: from efficient backends to intuitive UI
  • Lead development teams. Train and support less experienced members
  • Work in a team with stakeholders. Take structural decisions that influence the quality, performance and overall fitness of the final product
  • Keep Artelys solutions at the cutting-edge of technology
  • Our web applications are mainly developed in Java (Spring), JavaScript (ReactJS) and Python. We use reference technologies to guarantee the robustness and performance of our applications and we use containerization technologies for the integration, testing and deployment of our solutions. 



    Artelys is assembling a new team in Madrid and looking for proactive and creative employees, conscious of the added value of their work and motivated to take part in the development of our activities. You and us are meant to be if:

  • You have at least 3 years of experience as a data developer, Python developer, developer or Data Engineer and wish to apply your expertise in software development to build high-impact applications
  • You are interested in serving the general interest (Public Sector, Transport, Mobility, Health)
  • You are autonomous and rigorous: you take pride in the product of your work and want to build clean, good software that lasts and will be liked both by its users and its maintainers
  • You have good social skills and a strong team spirit: You are capable of synthetizing complex ideas and concepts in a manner as simple as necessary for your interlocutor and you care about the less experienced members of your team and help them learn and get better at what they are doing


    You are the ideal candidate if you: 

  • Are familiar with advanced concepts of OOP and master one object-oriented language (Java, C++, C#, etc.)
  • Understand algorithmic complexity analysis and use it to improve the quality of your work
  • Have good knowledge of at least one server development framework (Spring, ASP.Net, Flask, etc.)
  • Are experienced in the development of SPA applications with front-end frameworks (preferably ReactJS)
  • Have practiced software design and architecture and are familiar with 3-tier architecture and design patterns
  • Have practiced API design and implementation (REST API and WebSocket)
  • Have good experience with relational (preferably Postgre SQL) databases
  • Use and can train beginners with modern development tools, Version control (Git/GitLab/GitHub), IDE (IDEA, VSCode, Eclipse, etc), Project lifecycle manager (Maven, NP, etc.)
  • Get involved in CI activities and can setup CI-pipelines (GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, etc.
  • Understand and utilize virtualization and containerization (Docker)
  • You will shine even brighter if you are good with one or many of the following:

  • Distributed systems: msesage-oriented architecture (Kafka), micro-services, event-driven systems and reactive programming
  • Non-relational Databases (Cassandra, Scylla, MongoDB) and object stores (S3, Minio) and distributed cache systems (Redis, HazelCast, etc.)
  • Cloud-native technologies, auto-scaling systems (Kubernetes) and Serverless Computing
  • Linux systems usage and configuration (Debian, RHEL, etc.)
  • Scripting and automation tools (Bash, Cron, Ansible, etc.)
  • Cyber security, server protection and cryptographic tools
  • Classic web development: old-JavaScript, semantic HTML, CMS frameworks, SEO, etc.)
  • Experience in management of a project (task management, prioritization, team management) and knowledge in any of our main business sectors (Energy, Transportation and Mobility, Logistics, Public Studies) will be greatly valued. 

    To work within our teams, good fluency in either French or English is required.



    • Permanent position
    • Madrid based
    • Up to two days of remote working per week


    This is your dream job? Apply now!


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